A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Can a video game convey a flavor?

Eating a pizza is like holding a party in your mouth, but what would that party feel like if the pizza had pineapple on it?

Pineapple on pizza is a short game about exploring an island full of dancing people, finding a way to ruin the party, and unexpectedly enjoying it.

We strongly encourage you to stop reading and just play it. Surprise does enhance the flavor.


  • About 10 minutes of gameplay.
  • An island full of people dancing.
  • Cool music.
  • Dark, yet very bright humor.
  • Unexpected emotions you might not have experienced before.
  • A volcano you can jump into when you get tired of exploring.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
Tags3D, artgame, Casual, Comedy, Experimental, Exploration, Funny, Short, Singleplayer, Walking simulator


pineapple-on-pizza-mac.zip 174 MB
Version 1.0.4 98 days ago
pineapple-on-pizza-windows-64bits.zip 174 MB
Version 1.0.4 98 days ago
pineapple-on-pizza-windows.zip 170 MB
Version 1.0.4 98 days ago
pineapple-on-pizza-linux.zip 195 MB
Version 1.0.4 98 days ago


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it wont download

(i literally cant)

I accidentally figured out how to escape at the first try 💀

As much as I loved this game, I'm still not going to eat pineapple pizza irl tho 🤣

Thanks for creating the game!

(Game start at 16:07)

pretty funny tbh ;') i jumped in and was wondering why i didnt instantly die. then chaos.

very very funny game. Laughed alot.. end was too short. loved it (almost bricked up)

keep up the great work guys.



Pineapples on Pizza was low on my list of delicious, but after today, IT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM SAID LIST. 

Loved this game! It has cost me my voice tho.. 


Cute and terrifying....like when an infant questions you about sex.....loved it!


im exited to play this


The music mixed in with the screams made me feel something i've never felt before.

Overwhelming joy mixed with guilt and sorrow for the dead baby 

This was cute but I felt terrible afterwards lmao

This was such a fun little game I enjoyed it very much so I played the steam version and got all the achievements as well! Keep up the amazing work!

I love this game it's so psycho when the music starts to play and lava spills lmaooooo

Oye me encontre un bug en el que unos de los personajes atraviesan el suelo en 2 untos diferentes del mapa esto no se por que pase pero tal vez es por la resolucion que le puse al juego le puse 800 x 600 mi computadora esta un poco vieja pero no  se si eso tenga algo que ver.

Si vaz a hacer un video de esto.  Espero que si,  porfa no muestres nada de mi nombre ni nada solo el video Gracias. Soy un gran fan tu me inspiraste a aprender a programar espero conocerte algun dia.

What an awesome game! Had a blast with this one!
(1 edit) (+1)

Dieses Spiel bietet eine wirklich große Herausforderung welche man in einem Uhrweald alla oder auf einer Insel mit einem Vulkan erlebt.

Zudem ist der Sinn des Spieles noch unbeannt denn meine Psychischen und körperlich Nerven LIEGEN NBVP=LL AM ENDE.

Aber der Part mit der Lava war schon Interessant. Natürlicgh schade für diesen scvhönen Wald alla!

Meine Meinung nach.

Grüße Sterzel

Mmm pizza...

10/10 I love the lava killing everything

Very unexpected ending

Is it worth writing a proper review for a game that effectively equates to a shit post (albeit, a high quality shit post)? Who knows, but I guess my format demands that I do. Just, don't take this review too seriously. I streamed this game.

Pineapple on Pizza is a vibrant game with a a simple yet bright artstyle and a pretty groovy soundtrack (just the 1 track). You can explore the island until your heart's content and once you are content with your heart, you can leap into the volcano and end your life early. (This is of course advice for the game and not advice for real life.)
The game seems to be designed for youtubers to make dump soy faces at in the thumbnail, and I was left waiting for that totally poggers moment to make me soy like my favorite wojacks. The result was simultaneously expected and unexpected. Did it make me soy? Not unless you count me doing a totally poggers soy face as a way to make fun of all of the other soy faces linked in the comments. Was it at least entertaining though? Absolutely. The presentation is pretty great with the game. I was impressed that (again, for a shit post) the dancing animations mostly were in sync with the music. Though there were a few exceptions where I guess the dev just got tired of making a large number of dancing animations move in sync with the music, but I mean...I don't blame him, this was already a lot of effort for a shit post.
The dynamic shift in the music as things began to light on fire really did feel like the party had truly officially started. It really was a nice touching having the music seamlessly transition which again goes back to the strangely high level of quality put into this game.

It concludes rather satisfactorily with a few of the island people getting eaten by sharks. What more can be said?
Well, my frame rate starts to tank once things get set on fire. I guess if this was a game with commercial or more serious prospects that would be something worth investigating, but does it really matter for this game specifically? Probably not.

I give this game a rating of: 0 pineapples outta of pizza.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.


Probably the greatest game I have ever played. Super funny and dark. Definitely will make feel good playing it. Very clean graphics too. Amazing! 10/10

Le 3èmes Volume de cette série de 3 jeux d'horreur et voilà les titres - Funny Park --------------------------------- Tu joue le role d'un enfant et tu as plein de puzzle pour te sortir de là - Burger & Fright ------------------------------- Toi et ton vélo doivent déjoué les atrocités que tu dois rencontrer sur la route. - PineApple on Pizza --------------------- Tu te trouves sur une île paradisiaque quand tout à coup la fin du monde approche.

this game was great and so good in fact i lost my will to live!

This was the most hilarious game ever, And so well made

This game was wild! Everyone was having a good time until I ruined it lol! Good game! 

wow wtf cool game but unexpected

This was a really cute game with a lot of stuff to explore, I really liked it. MY only negative is the music was a bit over don eand repetitive, but VER VERY good overall!  Great job!

I made a playthrough video if anyone wants to see:

Nothing to spice up your pizza like a volcano and a massacre

10 canned pineapples out of 10!

This was truly a life changing experience. From the men dabbing, to the woman holding her baby burning alive, and all mixed with a great soundtrack. This is truly the pinnacle of gaming.


Un juego bastante divertido, me saco unas risas en algunos momentos

funny af x

Great game!

Man, I was not expecting the reaction I got when I jumped in the volcano. The music choice with the chaos around me had me giggling uncontrollably like some sick manic.

"Unexpected emotions you might not have experienced before."

Yeah, that about sums it up.


 🐢Turtle 🐢

yup agreed


watch bijuu mike + others play it 100% best reactions

horrifing game 1000%


Aún no lo he jugado, pero en unos días lo haré (y subiré mi Gameplay a YouTube).

Sé un poco del juego, y pues... sí transmite el verdadero sabor de la pizza con piña.

Hay algo que no entiendo: la mayoría de los que comentaron esto hablan inglés, seguro ni saben que Alva Majo es español xD.

No tiene nada de malo, pero es una locura.

So cute!! and dark....but mostly cute!


i like to eat pizza BUT NOT LIKE THIS :']


You ass. Still like Pineapple on Pizza.


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